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The first Atelier and Boutique LE MOUTON VERT, a special and unique place, is located in the center of Puerto Natales in front of the Plaza de Armas and the Municipality.

In this special place, not only every person has the opportunity to live the experience and know part of our production process and product collections, but also, to grant permanence and knowledge of this brand and philosophy, charming ourselves with our concept and the organic that we want transmit with "return to the natural", appreciating the natural resources of this southern area and taking a piece of Patagonia anywhere in the world.
Thanks to the location where we are, the daily work and the love that exists in this place, it contains energy of shelter, a sense of peace, purity and well-being inside.

We welcome you to visit us,


Adress: Carlos Bories 367, Puerto Natales


Le Mouton Vert, casa1.JPG
Le Mouton Vert, casa3.JPG
Le Mouton Vert, casa4.JPG
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