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The Department of Design and Creation of LE MOUTON VERT,
is focused on research, identity, creative innovation, inspiration, rescue of natural resources and appreciation of native flora and fauna of our town, located in Puerto Natales, in the southern Chilean Patagonia.

We evoke and transmit DESIGN as a profession and ART as our universe in daily life, transcending as a pure and warm message.
Our philosophy is to create constantly and to be durable over time, from a simple look, noble and authentic, making products from start to finish, reflecting this way of living that characterizes us.
This is what we want from the heart, spread and expand, expressing purity, aesthetics, alchemy and communication invisible to the eyes. 

Once we have our own and exclusive spun wool, in our Design Workshop, the design of each model, product or project is realized, with measurements, shapes, sizes and points, belonging to timeless and contemporary Collections in Garments and Eco-Home Decoration.

Once designed, each garment is handmade by our wonderful productive team, made up of women from Puerto Natales and the region of Magallanes, women of different ages and histories, committed 100% with their passion to knit and make, valuing in each one, his positive attitude, cheerful before life, at work and towards our company.

Each productive process of our brand, has committed happy people who love their work, who enjoy it and make every day better.
Our commitment is that all this energy and love for what we do, is transmitted in each of our products, to provide 100% natural, sustainable, organic and conscious shelter in the body and home of each person and client, throughout all of Chile and the world.




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