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Paulina Escobar 

Hi, I'm Paulina Escobar, a designer by profession and an expert in various areas of design for more than 15 years. I'm an entrepreneur and creator of several social and sustainable innovation projects. I have professional experience in the public and private sectors, in Chile and Switzerland.

I have been the winner of several national and international awards in the area of entrepreneurship, female leadership and social and ecological business management. My work has been to advise companies and entrepreneurs, I am a creator and leader of projects and I generate strategic ties for businesses at a national and international level.

I am currently the Owner and Creative Director of @lemoutonvert Sustainable textile brand from southern Chilean Patagonia  and I have a Consulting and Creativity company with my name @by_paulinaescobar focused on people,  entrepreneurs and companies to develop and work in the areas of design, sustainability, innovation and leadership.


I returned to Chile to found LE MOUTON VERT, a company created in 2014, it is a sustainable and ecological Design brand that comes 100% from southern Chilean Patagonia, specifically from Puerto Natales.

It is the only brand and company that develops the entire fully sustainable and local production chain in southern Chilean Patagonia and, therefore, is unique in the world. Another of my great interest was generating local economy for retired women or young homeowners, encouraging work, learning and clothing techniques and today I have had a great team of experts each in one area for 6 years. I sell my products throughout Chile and export to other countries as they are of excellence and quality, avant-garde and natural design. I have won several awards and I continue to lead in Chile to be the only producer of the finest and southernmost wool in the world, merino wool.


Some of my achievements are:

- I am a member of the Latin American Women's Network WeAmericas and of State Alumni Chile of the United States Embassy.

- Selected nationally by the US embassy in the WE Americas program, internship in several US cities along with other women leaders from Latin America.

- Winner of the national contest ¨Female Tourist Entrepreneur 2018¨ by Sernatur.

- I have given conferences and workshops to entrepreneurs with various topics in Marketing, idea development, products and services. 

- I have been the winner in in sustainable and social innovation entrepreneurship; for ProChile, October 2016.

- Award  “Creative Innovation Entrepreneur 2015” by Universidad del Pacífico. November 2015.

- Course and diploma granted by  “Impulsa tu Empresa”.  Methods to promote the company in terms of business, Sept-Nov. 2015.


I speak Spanish, English and French.

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